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Sun Tree Spa Reflexology

centuries old therapy

This centuries-old healing therapy gently reduces stress, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and naturally promotes the elimination of toxins.

By stimulating the reflex points on the feet and hands, the body is able to return to a more balanced state.

A $5.00 premium will be added to all Saturday/Sunday/holiday services.

Add to your Reflexology Facial or Head to Sole experience with our Paraffin enhancement.

Sun Tree Ancient Stones Reflexology

Volcanic basalt river stones are combined with the therapeutic benefits of reflexology applied to both hands and feet.

Total: 60 MIN - $155

Ultimate Hand & Foot Reflexology

A combined traditional hand and foot reflexology treatment, finished with a relaxing massage application of moisturizing lotion.

Total: 60 MIN - $150

Traditional Foot Reflexology

This treatment combines gentle stretching, stimulation of reflex points, and a relaxing massage with moisturizing and refreshing foot cream.

Total: 30 MIN - $90

Head to Sole

A tension-relieving scalp massage, along with a relaxing facial massage and traditional foot reflexology creates a truly heavenly experience. Feel revitalized from head to toe.

Total: 60 MIN - $135

Reflexology Facial Treatment

This treatment combines the benefits of an antioxidant spa facial with the stimulating effects of Dien Cham facial reflexology (a Vietnamese system of facial reflexology known for providing a 'natural face lift'.) Employed regularly, it improves circulation, effectively combats wrinkles and helps to regain skin’s youthful appearance. Includes a relaxing Reflexology hand massage.

Total: 60 MIN - $140

ENHANCMENT: Paraffin Treatment

Indulge in the warm, hydrating, and therapeutic benefits of medical grade paraffin applied to either hands or feet.



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